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Marcia Parker, Cecil Laird, and Jaime Enfuego

Movie of the Month: UHF

In this episode Marcia Parker and special guests Cecil Laird and Jaime En Fuego deconstruct this cult classic UHF! A fantastical tale of the over-imaginative dreamer who stumbles his way to the American Dream!

Fun Fact:

It was because of his role with Victoria Jackson in UHF that Weird Al was able to produce Smells Like Nirvana. He had been unable to contact the band to get permission to do the parody (Al fans know he always asks permission). So Nirvana was the band playing for Saturday Night Live, of which Jackson was now a cast member. So he called her up, and got patched through and asked, live – during Kurt Cobain’s monolouge if he could do the song. Kurt said yes, he paused and then as an after thought asked if it was gonna be about food. (Al fans know that many of his songs are about food) Al responded, “No, actually it’s about how no one can understand your lyrics.” Kurt replied, “Oh, ok then”.


Directer: Jay Levey

Written by: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic ,  Jay Levey

Orignal U.S. Air Date: July 21, 1989


Movie of the Month: Independence Day (1996)

In this episode Marcia Parker and special guest Cynthia Gonzo deconstruct this iconic Movie Of The Month: Independence Day! They will not got go quietly in the night, they will not be annihilated without a fight, and they will not get through this podcast without pizza and wine!

Fun Fact:

The suits designed for the aliens of “Independence Day” were 8 feet tall and equipped with 25 tentacles.


Directer: Roland Emmerich

Written by: Dean Devlin,  Roland Emmerich

Orignal U.S. Air Date: July 2, 1992


Movie of the Month: "Jurassic Park"

In this episode listen in while Marcia Parker and special guests Chris “Clever Girl” Fedo, Danny “Jurassic Expert” Fedo, and Peter Hall deconstruct the inner makings of this cult classic movie of the month!

Fun Fact:

Steven Spielberg talked the movie studio to buy the rights to this movie before Michael Crichton finished the first book!


Directer: Steven Spielberg

Written by: Michael CrichtonDavid Koepp

Orignal U.S. Air Date: June 11, 1993

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