Month: November 2016


Season: 1 Episode: 6

Hi LATCHKEY fans! Its HIGHLANDER DAY! In this episode Duncan gets hit by a car and then kidnapped by a Mad DOCTOR?!

Fun Fact:

Joe Pantoliano guest stars as the mad Doctor Wilder!


Directer: Ray Austin

Written by: Robert L. McCullough

Orignal U.S. Air Date: October 31, 1992

Marcia Parker
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Season 1 Episode 6

In this episode Gary tries to redeem himself by telling his SUPER spooky tale about magic, parallel universe, and x-ray glasses. This is their April Fools Day episode that focuses on magic tricks are not for kids!

Fun Fact:  First episode with no Happy Ending!

Scary Rating: THUMBS DOWN 🙁


Storyteller: Gary

Directer: Ron Oliver

Written by: Chloe Brown

Original Air Date: September 26, 1992

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