Month: October 2016


Season:1 Episode: 5

Hi LATCHKEY fans! Its HIGHLANDER DAY! JoinMarcia Parker and Cecil Laird discuss the ins and outs of this episode starring Joan Jett! Our first FEMALE immortal!

Fun Fact:

Joan Jett is our first female immortal!


Directer: Thomas J. Wright

Written by: Philip John Taylor

Orignal U.S. Air Date: October 31, 1992

Ren and Stimpy

Season: 1 Episodes: 5A & 5B

In this episode Ren and Stimpy watch as Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy get marooned on an uncharted planet and find themselves in a STICKY situation. We also get a triple dose of wacky commercials and learn about some crazy animals you can only find on the “Discovery” channel!

Fun Fact: NEW COMMERCIAL! The first appearance of “My Brother Doll”!


Directer: John Kricfalusi

Written by: John Kricfalusi

Original Air Date: December 2 9, 1992


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In this episode we finally get to her Kristen’s tale. In this story we see two sisterly cousins who were looking through their family heirlooms and found something more than what they bargained for. Come listen as Marcia Parker dives into this ghostly tale and discover why those hounds were so hungry.

Fun Fact:  This episode was featured on Marcia’s SNICK VHS tape!

Scary Rating: THUMBS UP!


Storyteller: Kristen

Directer: D. J. MacHale

Written by: Anne Appelton

Original Air Date: September 19, 1992

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