Month: September 2016


Season:1 Episode: 4

Hi LATCHKEY fans! It’s HIGHLANDER DAY! Who would have guessed that paying off those pesky parking tickets would lead to a courthouse SLAUGHTER? Listen in while Marcia Parker and Cecil Laird unravel the mysteries of this Highlander episode!

Fun Fact:

This is the first Highlander episode with no immortal kills or story line.


Director:  Jorge Montesi

Written by: Kevin Droney

Original U.S. Air Date: October 24, 1992

Ren and Stimpy

Season: 1 Episode 4

Join the Latchkey Club as Marcia Parker and special guest Peter Hall dive into the world of Ren & Stimpy! In this episode Ren and Stimpy seek employment at a Fire Station posing as Dalmatians and the fun continues when Stimpy reads himself another bedtime story about the littlest giant who is in need of a good tongue shave.

Fun Fact:

John Kricfalusi developed a platform game for the Super Nintendo in 1994 called “The Ren & Stimpy Show: Fire Dogs”. Which was inspired by this episode! 


Directer:  John Kricfalusi

Written by: John Kricfalusi and Bob Camp

Orignal U.S. Air Date: September 1, 1991


Season: 1 Episode: 4

In this episode David tells a ghost story about two mischievous boys looking for trouble on Halloween, and boy do they FIND it! JOIN me and special guest Megan Gehrlich discuss the ins and outs of this fantastic tale of WISHES and EVIL WITCHES! Oh and a tangent on proper dog care.

Fun Fact:  This WAS the Halloween pilot episode!

Scary Rating: THUMBS UP!


Storyteller: David

Directer: D. J. MacHale

Written by: Anne Appelton

Original Air Date: September 12, 1992

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