Month: July 2016


Movie of the Month: Independence Day (1996)

In this episode Marcia Parker and special guest Cynthia Gonzo deconstruct this iconic Movie Of The Month: Independence Day! They will not got go quietly in the night, they will not be annihilated without a fight, and they will not get through this podcast without pizza and wine!

Fun Fact:

The suits designed for the aliens of “Independence Day” were 8 feet tall and equipped with 25 tentacles.


Directer: Roland Emmerich

Written by: Dean Devlin,  Roland Emmerich

Orignal U.S. Air Date: July 2, 1992


Highlander: Season One Episode Two

In this episode Duncan MacLeod gets to play DETECTIVE and use clues to sniff out his friends KILLER! Listen in as special guest Cecil Laird gets INSPIRED to create his own version of Highlander! #newhighlanderYES

Fun Fact:

Vincent Schiavelli fresh off of the Amadeus joins the cast to play Leo Atkins, a Vietnam war vet that was framed for murdering Duncan’s immortal friend.


Directer:  Thomas J. Wright

Written by: Dan Gordon

Orignal U.S. Air Date: October 3, 1992

Marcia Parker and Susie Von Slaughter
Ren and Stimpy

The Ren and Stimpy Show: Season One Episode Two

In this episode Stimpy reads us a bedtime story filled with Happy Happy Joy Joys. Ren gets sick but have no fear Nurse Stimpy was there! Listen in with Marcia and special guests Susie Von Slaughter figure the true meaning of life.

Fun Fact:

Powdered Toast Man makes his first appearance!


Directer:  John Kricfalusi

Written by: John Kricfalusi and Vincent Waller

Orignal U.S. Air Date: August 25, 1992


Are You Afraid of the Dark?- Season 1 Episode 2

In this episode Kristen wills herself to face her fear of clowns as Betty Ann tells the frightening tale of a haunted amusement park ride. I generally feel like Funhouses are the creepiest rides, but it’s extra creepy when it finishes with a haunting clown. Come listen in as me and special guest Marcia Busching discuss the episode because “it’s the most fun in the park when you’re laughing in the dark.”

Fun Fact:

The “villain” Zeebo the clown is referenced in five other tales… Can you name them all?


Storyteller: Betty Ann

Directer: Ron Oliver

Written by: Chloe Brown

Original Air Date: August 22, 1992

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